What is a WeatherMate?

The WeatherMate is a canopy that can be retro-fitted to almost any folding camping chair*.  WeatherMate easily attaches to your own chair, with just four bolts and an allen key (all supplied) needed to fasten WeatherMate into position. A full installation guide is provided with both the WeatherMate and the WeatherMate Premium Chair Package

The benefits of the WeatherMate include:
  • Retro-fit, easy installation
  • Sun protection factor of 50+
  • Lightweight and secure 
  • Folds up with your chair when not in use
  • Fully adjustable height and roof pitch from 45 degrees to 180 degrees - ideal for all ages, heights and activities including fishing, spectating, picnicing, and just about any outdoor activity that uses a folding chair 
  • When you decide to upgrade your chair, simply remove the WeatherMate and attach it to your new chair - it's that simple!

Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach or watching your children or grandchildren play sport, WeatherMate is THE ULTIMATE MUST-HAVE FOLDING CHAIR ACCESSORY.

Other chair products may have canopies, but none offer you the flexibility of WeatherMate, because no other canopy can be retro-fitted to an existing chair. 

WeatherMate is fully patented and a true innovation, offering you protection from the sun in your own favourite chair or with our premium chair.